No Oceans
No Air
No Life

8 million

Tons of plastic
enter the oceans
per year


of big fish
since 1950


of the world's
coral reefs
will die by 2050

The climate is changing.

Our oceans are rising, acidifying, heating up and filling with plastics. Coral reefs are bleaching. Species are vanishing into extinction — and humans are driving this destruction.

We have the opportunity to change everything for the better, but we have to act right now. Let's rise to the challenge and own it, together.


Speak up
you are the voice
of the future

Today mankind has the knowledge and skills to see and measure what previous generations could not. And we have the tools to share and shape reality like no one before.

Ocean Uprise is a platform to use your voice and make it heard. Let's speak up, spread the word and alter the course of history.

Gear up
get equipped to
create change

Knowledge is power — and the key instrument to create change. Get inspired from leading scientists, explorers, creators, and other youth activists working to build a better world. Receive mentorship to grow your skill sets, uncover your superpowers to shape the future.

Rise up
and shape
the movement

There's more than one way to be an activist. Everyone has a role to play in the solution. Find yours.

Team up to challenge and question standards, explore new ideas, launch and join projects. Every movement depends on its diversity. Collaboration is the key.

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